How to play Massagotchi ?

Step 1 : Connect to a wallet

Step 2 : Collect your first Massagotchi by clicking on the middle button. You might have a legendary one !

Step 3 : Visit your Massagotchi. You will see that he has food level and HP

Step 4 : Your Massagotchi loose food autonomously. Maintain a good food level by feeding him (button at the bottom)

Step 5 : Your Massagotchies farm autonomously GOTCHI tokens while they are alive. Claim them !

Step 6 : You Massagotchi can evolve to different states autonomously if they are healthy


- Massagotchies loose HPs at 0 level food and regain at 10

- Massagotchies have a chance to evolve while they are at 10 HP

- Massagotchies more rare and more evolve farm more coins

- The only cost in the whole game is the 0.5 MAS to create a Massagotchi, the rest is free (except if network fees is necessary (not for now on Massa))

- The GOTCHIs tokens earned now don't have value for now but will be converted in real money game when it will be created.

- SC is upgradable.

Rarity chances

- Common : 60%

- Rare : 25%

- Epic : 10%

- Legendary : 5%